Why Choose Garrard King ?

Here’s why

  • We know what we are talking about.
  • Each consultant is trained in the utility industry and not just in sales.
  • Because we know the industry we can ask the right questions and not send your cv to irrelevant vacancies and waste your time.
  • We understand what the next step looks like and can help you get there by knowing which clients may need your skills.
  • Clients act on our recommendations. We will give you constructive feedback especially if it improves your chances.
  • You will be fully briefed on the company and vacancy before your interview.

And if you are a contractor

  • We will pay you on time and as flexibly as you need (within reason)
  • Online timesheets and invoicing if needed.

Garrard King mainly place experienced energy and utility professionals. Due to the nature of the energy sector, every candidate with energy experience is valuable to us and we will, to come back to you. We may not have a role for you right now but we could one day and we are happy to advise on your CV, the demand for your skills and how likely we are to have a client that needs them. Please browse our latest vacancies here or please send us your CV on a speculative basis by clicking on the link.

Garrard King feel that each candidate is valuable and that is the cornerstone of our relationship.

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